I have lied to you all
My house has been burning
slow and quiet
thick and permanent
for the last fourteen years

With bare hands I have
dug at its foundations
yanked it out trudged it
from place to place
buried it on foreign lands

spent hours guarding prisons
of flowers hoping their roots
would cement its perimeter
Keep me from running

Visitors bless them!
Few and infrequent

Today brought me another
I found him in my back room
knives in his hands
blood on my aching walls
having butchered himself open
looking to give me reason to stay

Again I fall to my knees
half in prayer half routine
Rinse the blood with my leaking tears

I crawl out the front door
knees seeping I dig
yank it out
squat up down
knees suspended prepping my back
for another trudge
when out the corner of my eye

I meet a neighbour for the first time
a man with a baby on his left hip
toddler on his right arm
stood in a gold ring
their skins boastfully on fire

I drench them in buckets
of my tears When that fails
handfuls of my blood but he scorns me
so I step back
Watch them burn with pride
only to realise they're in heaven

It's the man successful at breeding love
even in the midst of fire
that has truly discovered Eudaimonia


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